Peter’s life

Peter de Vos

Born on 23. September 1959 in Ridderkerk, Netherlands.



Confusion Expected
publishing date: 28. August 2014


Clarity Expected
to be published second quarter of 2015


Commitment Expected
to be published fourth quarter of 2015


Confinement Expected
to be published second quarter 2016

1959 – 1970

Grows up in the safe environment of rural life in Ridderkerk until he moves to far far away “Alblasserdam” (just across the river) and encounters the insecurities of a new environment.

1970 – 1976

Alblasserdam isn’t as bad as Peter expected and he actually enjoys his new life there; living on the borders of the large water expanse “Alblasserwaard” and exploring its maze of rivers and channels on the rare occasions he is allowed to take his father’s boat. During the family’s holidays in Austria, Peter is allowed to sail daily and he enjoys the freedom and peacefulness that comes with it, even though he often is obliged to take his irritating little sister along.

1976 – 1977

The family moves again, this time really far away, to the utter north of the country, where constant fog is covering the flat bog country of the province of Groningen. Peter initially refuses to be banned to the outskirts of the Kingdom, but once he settles down in the town of Veendam, he thoroughly starts enjoying life. Even though it is the final year in high school, he hardly needs to study, since his previous high school had drilled everything he needed to know into him. So he could concentrate on partiesand practice with the newest fab; windsurfing!

1977 – 1978

Peter makes a big mistake and becomes a cadet at KMA, the Dutch military academy. For a rebellious young man who can respect merit but not rank, this was an absolute no-go. Fortunately his superiors were in agreement and let him go. Peter then works in a factory for a few months, making a steep career from assembly worker, via supervisor to department head.


Peter decides to make a choice of the heart. Having loved the stories from his old history teacher, he decides to enrol at the University of Groningen and study history. You might say this was the start of Peter’s writing career, because he had to submit many papers through the years. Already then Peter had chosen a writing style that was easy accessible and not too academic. To maintain his life style he had to make some money and he worked in various jobs; as a waiter, cook, concierge, postman, bartender and disc jockey.

1984 - 1986

In 1984 Peter graduates but is unsure what to do with his future and decides to study on: international law, international relationships, management. He also continues to work in the restaurant business.

1986 – 1987

Peter becomes management trainee at PTT Telecom and specialises in data communications. This results in his first ‘real’ job; product manager Video conferencing.

1987 – 1993

Having met a nice Danish girl (and married her) he decides to move to Denmark, applies with Philips and gets a job as international Product manager Mobile phones. He was along when Philips’ very first handheld phone was developed. He continues working for Philips but changes jobs and countries several times, until he moves back to Denmark, this time to a new company.

1993 – 1999

Peter starts as Scandinavian manager for Bosch’ Blaupunkt division and immerses himself into the colourful world of televisions and car systems. He loves the job and is good at it. So good that his boss offers him the prestigious job as Scandinavian manager for the much bigger power tool division. And although he loves the job, he is less enamoured with the arrogant division management at headquarters in Germany and is soon at loggerheads with his direct superior, who, at least according to Peter, has not earned the right to his title.

1991 & 1994

Birth of his two daughters, Nushka and Diana. Peter loves his kids dearly and spends as much time as possible with them, which is, of course, always too little. Still he manages to read many bedtime stories for the children and when they run out of books, Peter makes up odd-ball stories about spitting ugly princesses, frogs that are just frogs, pretty witches and the like. Of course he should have written them down, but how should he have known that he would become a writer one day?


Time to change jobs. Peter is offered the job as European President for Nilfisk' Industry division. Although selling huge cleaning systems is not necessarily Peter’s Big Dream, the team spirit at Nilfisk makes up for it all. But when business turns sour in the USA, the company starts to falter and the spirit is gone. Time to change again.

2001 – 2003

Peter is offered the job as Managing director for Olympus Denmark. The company is a mixed bag with plenty of challenges and tensions. However, it is again Peter’s intolerance of incompetence that brings matters to the boil. When Peter refuses to look the other way when headquarters implements some doubtful projects, he is asked to leave.

2003 – 2004

Peter does several projects while looking around for the perfect job. Plenty of writing is going on, but not the kind Peter enjoys. He also divorces his first wife Nina (not so nice) and one year later marries Silke during a picture-perfect wedding in a romantic castle on the Rhine (very nice).

2004 - 2005

Peter is fed up with stressful business life and incompetent superiors, wants to become his own boss and turn his hobby into a job; together with Silke he decides to open a dive resort. To be able to do so, he first has to become a dive instructor and as old-timer between young gods (he was 45, the average age of his fellow students was 25) was challenged to become top of the class; he managed!

2005 –

Together with his wife Silke, Peter starts the Amontillado Beach & Dive resort in the Philippines; a tropical paradise catering exclusively for European guests. Diving and spoiling his guests is one of the highlights in his life. Contacts with authorities, suppliers and local workers often makes him despair. The Philippines are backward, corrupt and business ethics, both of suppliers and workers, are in no way comparable to European standards. Bit by bit his frustration seeps through into the emails he sends home to friends and family. Friends are hugely entertained by the compressed marvels of everyday Filipino life and encourage Peter to write more. And one day his good friend Jelte says: “Why don’t you put it all into a novel?” And Peter did just that….